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June 22, 2010

Big Idea

February 8, 2010

Social Networking.

I wish I had invented to concept of Social Networking.

Social Networking is a relatively simple concept to someone who is educated on the dynamics and technicality of it.

With 300 million people using Facebook all over the world and most every aspect of marketing and advertising using various forms of social networking, the possibilities are endless as far as development.

We’re talking money here, and a LOT of it.

The greatest part of Social Networking is the fact that it grows and shrinks with its users.If the developers keep the users happy, they will continue to use the product and more will join. for example is rapidly losing users due to its messy UI, whereas’s clean UI and easy to manage options are bringing more and more people in each day, some coming from rival Myspace’s website.

Every year more young people register on various Social Networking sites due to being “allowed to” by their parents as well.

The older demographic will stay connected, and more and more younger users will continue to jump on board.

We as humans have a need to stay connected with one another.

Because of Social Networking and the Internet this is no longer an issue to those with the proper equipment. With more and more developments in technology geared towards enabling Social Networking to be more accessible, and more and more companies jumping on board to either promote themselves or aid in this transition I see Social Networking as the future of the internet itself.

What about Facebook?

November 23, 2009

Deck Check: 3 Great Board Series

November 23, 2009

I’ve been collecting skateboards for the past 3 years.

A short time in contrast to how long I’ve been actually skateboarding for.

Certain companies and their art directors do an amazing job of continually producing great graphics and amazing series.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Creature Skateboards: Hesh Saints.

Not particularly sure on the artist, however Creature comes through with their signature green and yellow motif taken to a more dramatic level. The company subsided in the late nineties only to return triumphantly in 2006. Creature’s demented play on Christianity with their own amazing twists in my eyes is a throwback to graphic artist Pusshead’s work in the late eighties and early 90’s. I personally love the fact that Creature has moved from their monochromatic style and incorporated more color and depth into this series without losing the continuity and consistency that their products’ look has to offer.

Chocolate Skateboards: Hand Sign Series.

Simple and killer. 5 recognizable hand signs that work well alone but much more sucessfully as a series. The vibrancy and rigidity of the red, vector chocolate logo at the bottom of the decks cleans up the rough, photo-copied feel of the photos on the boards.

I can’t wait to buy these and hang them in my place.

Enjoi Skateboards: Mangled Animals Series.

Artist: Todd Bratrud

Todd Bratrud is an amazing artist, hands down. His collaborations with various clothing and skateboard companies are highly anticipated and sought after. I personally own this entire series. Evey deck has a personality and the primary colors make any wall stand out. This photo I found online does not do the series any justice. Check out Bratrud’s work in The Skateboard Mag on a monthly basis.


Recreation: A new beginning.

November 11, 2009

Based on some input from one of my professors, Michelle Ferrier, and some self realization, I will be taking the next few days to renovate my blog from a simple class diary and the shambles of random interactive media information, into my professional and personal reflections and opinions on art and the internet.

I will keep this blog seperate from my blogs on skateboarding, however, i’m certain that certain artists and artistic styles related to skateboarding and the skateboard industry will seep in.

I will host links, videos and other interactive components to help my readers enjoy my posts to their fullest, as well as allowing me to have a great beginning to a hopefully long lasting professional blog.

Please allow for time through the weekend for a new design and new voice and message to be spread throughout this source of communication.

I’m excited to get this going and hope that you, the reader will continue to follow my quest for education in all things creative and interactive.


Class Blog 11.6.09

November 6, 2009

Based on a communications model that a group of us created, I give you my thoughts on Design and Function.

I’m warning you, this is serious!



Although fairly obvious, something cannot function if it is not designed properly.

Unfortunately many of us, as well as many users and specticipants all over the world continue to use technology, both static and interactive that is poorly designed and does not function beneficially.

A website for displaying a product for example must first draw a user in (graphic design elements), allow the product to be seen and understood, (functionality), and keep them interested and coming back (interactivity) for a final pleasant experience (feedback)

Simply put: If one of these links in the chain to feedback is broken then positive feedback is not reached.

A designer must understand key elements and best practices in their specific situation in order to properly and effectively hinder their users’ experience a positive one.

Again, referencing the links in the chain, each link is created differently in different situations. There are no specific rules that govern all links in all situations except for a few very important key points:

*Allow a user a way out

*Allow the user options

If a designer keeps all of this information in mind, as well as keeps up with what is on the forefront of design and aesthetics than function and design will flourish and feedback will become positive if other aspects work correctly.

Picture 4

Class Blog 11.4.09

November 4, 2009

I, like many artists, am often unmotivated to create.

Well, I can rephrase that, I’m motivated, yet un inspired.

Inspiration comes from all around; nature, technology, people.

I often leave art museums yearning to put something on paper.

I watch skateboard videos and immediately want to go either film skateboarding or go skateboarding.

Inspiration. It’s the mustard to the motivation hotdog. You need both for a successful final product.

Lately we, the students of the iMedia program, have been chin deep in creative assignments.

As I have mentioned, most likely in every blog post I have written, I have other creative side projects besides the ones I am working on in class.

Sometimes I feel as though I put forth so much of my creative energy into one project that I lose momentum for the next handful.

I do have a folder of images and a few websites I visit for inspiration, but I had seen nothing as organized or well rounded as before I was introduced to it.

This website is an array of well designed, cream-of-the-crop HTML and flash based sites that represent businesses, agencies and individuals.

A user visiting can sort through the types of websites based on prominent color, type of site, or a combination of both.

A small preview is available with a roll over description of the site, giving the user yet another choice as to whether or not they want to delve deeper into opening up the site itself.

With so many well-maintained and beautiful sites on, when my inspiration is fading, I skim through the site and feel recharged, feeding off of amazing ideas from web artists and designers from all over the world.

By no means do I steal ideas from these hard working artists, but I see the great contrasts in design elements or colors that they chose, and see if it is applicable to the design work that I myself am taking on.

I recommend any artists or web user to check them out, it’s a great site and I’m a regular. Hopefully one day one of my sites will make it on inspiring others!

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